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Native vs. Nuisance

Native vs. Nuisance

Know the difference between native, exotic, and invasive CT plants.

Knowing your outdoor environment makes all the difference in creating a landscape that looks beautiful but doesn’t disrupt the local ecosystem. The plants in your yard need to be considered in any sustainable plan for your landscape.

So what’s in your yard? In general there a three types of plants you’ll find on your property, native, exotic, and invasive. Native species are original to the environment. They are adapted to the climate and growing conditions through hundreds of years of evolution and acclimatization. Exotic and invasive species, on the other hand, have been introduced to an environment where they wouldn’t naturally be found.


So what’s the difference between exotic and invasive plants? Exotic plants are those that have been introduced to an area by human activity, on purpose or by accident. Exotic plants often coexist with their surroundings and can even help the landscape flourish when planted appropriately. Exotic plants become invasive, however, when they start growing rapidly and impeding on surrounding plant life. Invasive plants often take sunlight and nutrients from local species. This rapid growth can alter the natural landscape and take over native species, causing negative effects to the environment and wildlife.

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There are currently 97 invasive plant species reported in CT, some of which are already causing severe damage to native species. The first step to defending you local landscape from invasive plants is knowing what to look for. Here is a list of common native and invasive species in Wilton, CT:



Shadblow, Bottlebrush Buckeye, Flowering Dogwood, Eastern Redbud, American Holly, Choke Berry, Winterberry, Bayberry, Summersweet, Mountain Laurel, Viburnum


INVASIVE (watch out for these!):

Burning Bush, Oriental Bittersweet, Goutweed, Garlic Mustard, Japanese Barberry, Multiflora Rose


Without knowing and understanding your yard, an invasive species may be lurking among your plants, trees, or shrubs. Luckily our knowledgeable team at Bolton Landscape Design & Masonry can help you distinguish between species, and perform removals and plantings as needed. Our professional team has years of experience in Connecticut’s gardens, ensuring a smart outdoor design. You see, sometimes there’s more to a beautiful landscape than meets the eye- and we’re here to help! Contact Bolton Landscape Design and Masonry today!


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