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Earth Day Sparks Townwide Cleanup

Preserving Wilton’s Landscape

Last Saturday marked the 47th annual Earth Day, celebrating and supporting environmental protection across the world. To join in on the effort, Jeff Lapnow and the Wilton Conservation Commission hosted the Townwide Cleanup Day, where friends, family, and neighbors all came together to clean up Wilton’s public areas and the banks of the Norwalk River.

Earth Day Cleanup Wilton Bolton Landscape Design & Masonry Landscaping Wilton Connecticut Fairfield County

Despite some much-needed rain, the Townwide Cleanup Day was huge success. Jeff and his team of volunteers helped the the Wilton Conservation Commission fill two massive dumpsters with rubbish that had been improperly disposed of in public spaces. Efforts like these not only enhance Wilton’s beautiful landscape, but help to preserve the town’s natural ecosystem for visitors and residents to enjoy for years to come.

“The turn-out from fellow Wilton residents was inspiring! I loved seeing friends and neighbors of all ages pitching-in to keep our environment clean and healthy.” said Jeff Lapnow of the Wilton Conservation Commission and president of Bolton Landscape Design & Masonry.

Just like in Wilton, Earth Day was a success across the world, with countless communities coming together to help protect and revive our environment. But you don’t need to wait for a special day to make a difference. Conservation starts with sustainable choices at home.

Are you doing your part with your yard and landscape? Contact Bolton Landscape to see how you can make your landscape grow in symphony with the surrounding environment and flourish for generations to come. (203) 761-9775

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